What is Gordian Agency

The Gordian Knot is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem, untying an impossibly tangled knot solved easily by finding an approach to the problem that renders the perceived constraints of the moot problem.

The Gordian Agency is a professional blockchain development warehouse with over 25 devs dedicated to blockchain focused projects and companies. We cut through the perceived knots, untangle them, and present them to our clients so they are easily solved with trust and precision. As project developers, we know the pain of starting and maintaining a blockchain-based business. We are also aware of the pitfalls and smart contract auditing necessary to succeed in an ever-growing competitive marketplace.

Partners & Clients

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Front-End & Smart Contract development & deployment for Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, EVM Networks, Fantom, and Matic.


Differentiate your project with in-depth Tokenomics analysis and project cash flow modeling and forecasting.

UX Design

Distinctive, user friendly user experience design, development & implementation.

Product Consulting

Competitive analysis and industry assessments for all Blockchain Projects

Audit Services

Security best practices consulting and on-demand audit services for all chains

Project Management

Project Management

Project plans, road-mapping, roadmap management and ongoing support.

We Buidl Custom Anything

We execute a host of possibilities regarding Blockchain Development and Crypto Smart Contract Auditing. From our first discovery call, you will discover our curious team of decentralized business oriented. Product and technical advisory wizards come together to drive your vision. Our unique, tokenomic-first approach delivers projects that are profitable and secure for all stakeholders, including each individual token holder using our audited and established DeFi best practices process formula.

Looking to Buidl a Project? You've come to the right place.

  • With our DeFi approach to design and feature innovation, we constantly deliver new and unique blockchain products and innovative ways to utilize emerging digital assets such as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).
  • This in turn minimizes sell pressure and maximizes the life span of your project and community.

Our team of industry veterans will ensure your project has the best chances of survival in this ever-evolving landscape. We continue to evolve our platforms to ensure you have access to cutting edge features that deliver proven return on investment.

Upside tokenomics price action is an attractive aspect of discovery for token buyers and can be achieved in several ways. Some of these are baked into the protocol. We excel at choosing the right smart contract framework. This helps us develop appropriate and innovative earning mechanisms. It also allows us to find elegant solutions to high transaction costs.

With our stakeholder-first approach, we want to ensure every DeFi project is built with the stakeholders and community in mind. Our proven methodologies and practices for ensuring projects maintain anonymity, security, auditing, compliance and a transparently fair distribution mechanism, is unparalleled anywhere in DeFi.

Have the next great Ether or BSC Yield farming idea? Just looking to be the next PancakeSwap? Don't care about all that technical stuff and just want a fruit farm with crazy high APYs & yield? We do that.

Smart Contract Auditing

Can your project or protocol be hacked? With our five step process, we can determine the safest and most economical way of auditing your smart contracts with professionalism, speed, and accuracy.

step one
step one
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step one

What can you expect to see in your audit report?

The audit report will transparently identify any issues or flagged parameters that need immediate attention. From a scale of high, medium and low, you will be able to determine the amount of structure needed to be changed and which is most pressing to be addressed.


We have a great idea but can't find anyone skilled enough to code this, can you help?

Yes. We incubate ideas from inception to finished product. We have helped several companies on BSC, Fantom, Ether and Matic chains.

We already have our project coded and ready to go but need an audit, do you do that?

Yes we do. Timeline depends on the complexity of the audit and can be provided after an initial consultation.

Our company needs to be rebranded and tested, do you do that?

Yes, our in-house branding specialists have helped many projects completely evolve their image and messaging, and helped them recreate their vision.

Our blockchain company doesn't have the time to do proper social media. Can you help us manage this?

Yes, our in-house social media experts can manage your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. This can be done all in one channel with professional pictures and videos cultivated paired with the proper hashtags and even promotions to increase virality and engagement.